Did you know that you have to keep the fans clean of dust bunnies and debris? If a fan gets clogged with dust, and cannot cool the processor and other components, they can, and will, burn up. This can cause loss of data, and maybe even a replacement computer. Just as you have to maintain your car by changing the oil, lube, etc., you need to maintain your computer. Would you put a rag up the tailpipe of your car? Well, this is the same thing as allowing dust and debris to accumulate inside your computer. If you have owned your computer for over 6 months, and you have never had this done, it needs to be done immediately!

Let one of our techs stop by and TuneUp your fleet of computers. You'll be amazed at how much faster your computers will operate, not to mention, last longer! This is what you'll get...
• Tech Vacuums out Case
• Checks for Viruses
• Optimizes Hard Drive
• Cleans Temp Cache
• Optimizes Registry
• Tunes Up System
• Checks for Worn Parts
• Suggests Upgrades
• FREE Network Analysis
each computer
Must be in our Local Service Area