It Starts Like This...

...It Ends Like This!

But We Can Help.

Listen to John's story...
Working late at the office, John was minutes from finishing his project. He had toiled through many late nights, trying to make his deadline. Finally, seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, John clicked on the SAVE button, so he could upload the entire project to the home office. Suddenly, with a sinking, gut-wrenching feeling in his stomach, John watched as his computer locked up during the save process!

"Well," he thought, "at least I have only lost the past few hours, and not the past few months!" However, to John's dismay, and after attempting repeatedly to restart his trusty computer, he found that his closest companion decided not to cooperate with him.

"All I need is for this thing to start back up and let me re-enter my data!" And for hours, John frantically tried to coax his computer back to life, but to no avail.

"Well," you might ask, "can't he just go to another computer and restore a backup that his IT or MIS department would have made for him?"

You, see, that is the problem, and the moral of this story... John's company doesn't have an IT Team to do backups, nor does he have a backup at all! He depended on his trusty computer to keep his project safe. And it seemed that when he needed it most, his data was lost forever, because maintenance was never performed on his computer. His hard drive overheated, so even if his company provided him with a new computer, the hard drive couldn't be salvaged and the data copied over, because the hard drive can never be used again! However, that doesn't matter, anyway, because John doesn't work there anymore, because John lost his firm's biggest account, because he neither did the proper maintenance on his computer, nor did he run any backups. His company held him personally responsible, and let him go.