Do you only have stand-alone computers and wish they could share files? Do you have a peer-to-peer network and need a file or application server? Do you have a current network and just need help maintaining it, or need some other networking options? Well, that’s where this package comes in! We offer Network Support, which may be more of a medium to large business, with or without a current network, which needs any kind of network support, maintenance, upgrades, or even a network installed. This is how they work...

Network Support Package
  • Existing Windows-Based Networks
  • Price per Server / Per Computer
  • Includes Remote / Phone / On-site Support
  • Quote Monthly Rate
Upgrade EXISTING Network Infrastructure
  • Upgrade to Custom-Built, Hi-End, Custom-Built Servers
  • Upgrade Client Machines
  • Upgrade and/or Add Hi-Speed Switches & Routers
  • Upgrade to Cat5 Cabling and Modular Jacks
  • Quote Monthly Rate
NEW Network Infrastructure
  • Install Custom-Built, Hi-End, Custom-Built Servers
  • Install or upgrade Client Machines
  • Install Hi-Speed Switches & Routers
  • Install to Cat5 Cabling and Modular Jacks
  • Quote Monthly Rate
Must be in our Local Service Area for Network Installations and Upgrades
If a customer contracts CCS to install or upgrade their network, they should consider allowing CCS to Support it as well.
However, this is not mandatory.