Peace of Mind
Starting at

per month

Automatic Offsite, Online Backup
500mb of Secure Server Spac

with the option of small to medium
amounts of data backed up
to our servers...

or the option of CCS
custom-building your own
backup server, stored at our location

Ok, this one's a "No Brainer!" If your company burned to the ground today, would you be out of business? If a single hard drive, on a single computer, crashed, and stopped working, how much would it cost to replace the data that you just lost? Thousands of dollars? Tens of thousands of dollars? Would ANY amount of money really cover it?

Let's face it... When your computer crashes, and you have no backup, it may be covered by insurance, and yes, they will replace the computer, but they can NEVER replace the data!

One of our clients learned THAT the hard way. They were even being very cautious to backup their files. They had purchased a real expensive DAT tape backup drive that held up to 40 gigabytes of data, and proceeded to backup their priceless files. Well, guess what? Our client found out the hard way that tape drives aren't very reliable, even when you spend nearly $1500 for the setup. Each tape cost nearly $50 too, but they kept backing up. One day, the expensive tape drive decided to wrap the tape around the heads several times, very tightly, I might add. And when they proceeded to gently pull it out, it tore the tape! They were devastated! The reason that they were backing everything up was because their hard drives couldn't hold all of the data. So when they had it backed up, they deleted the files from the hard drives. Well, they just lost 5 months worth of work. However, the "silver lining" is this: the tape was covered, and replaced by the tape drive manufacturer. They covered the $50 for the tape, but who was going to pay for 2 graphic designers to re-do all of the work for their clients, for the past 5 months? And even if they would, is that something that could even be done?

And the story didn't end there, one by one their DAT tapes were either eaten by the tape drive, or demagnetized by other devices around the office, such as- oh, and by the way, SPEAKERS will demagnetize your tapes!!!!

So, what about just burning CDs of your data? They can't get demagnetized, so that would be safe, right? Well, that is well and good, but if your backup is in the same place as your original, and something happens to the building, such as fire, flood, tornado, thunder storm, or any number of other things... you have lost your data for good! However, if you were to take your CDs offsite, say to your house, then that would be much better. Now you have doubled your chances of keeping your data around for when you need to retrieve it. Now the only problem is that you are consumed with backing up, and burning, and updating, and keeping it all straight by bringing in the right CD, and updating again, and accumulating all of these CDs. And what if you are sick, and a hard drive crashes (which does happen more than you think) and they need their backup right away, which is now at your house? Now, not only did they pickup the only backup and take it back into the "risk zone," but they also have your germs on their hands, and they can get what YOU have, and the ugly story goes on, and on, and on. And now you have missed a backup, or you have to appoint someone else to do the backup while you are gone... Can you see where this is going????

So, what other options do you have? I thought you would never ask! Corrigan Computer Services is providing Peace of Mind (along with eliminating your backup frustration and possible germ-spreading) by developing an Offsite, Online Backup Solution. It's Incredible! No more hassles of backing up manually to a tape drive, or burning CDs and playing the "Musical Backup" game. We will setup and install our own commercial software package on your computer(s)/server(s) that will automatically back up your data to our Offsite, Online Server right over a secure, encrypted Internet connection. What a godsend! Think of the time and hassles this revolutionary product/service will save you. No more worries about whether or not the backup was done, or done right; whether or not a storm or other act of God will destroy your only copy of something; or whether or not your computers will always keep working in order to preserve your only copy!

So how much is this Peace of Mind going to cost? Literally only pennies per megabyte! Yes, you read that right. Only pennies per MB, and it even reduces hair-loss (by keeping you from pulling it out!).

So how do you get started? Either give us a call, or email us, and a friendly CCS rep will be happy to discuss backup options with you. And if you are in our local service area, a CCS rep can even come out and take a look at your operation to see how we may best serve you (and there is NO CHARGE for us to come out and assess your situation and offer you the best options).

Setup fees may apply Email or speak to a CCS rep for details